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Ok so there's this guy at my church. He's about two years younger than me and for almost all of the time I've know him he's been this immature little git. I saw him a couple of nights ago and he has grown up so much. Not just physically but emotionally and mentally. I was really surprised. I also think it's really funny because he has liked me for...ever and really the only thing stopping me from reciprocating was that he was so immature. Now that he's not so immature I really don't have a problem. Plus, no lie; he looked pretty good.

The only thing is that both of our families have said "oh you two like each other...blah blah blah" and they were just really condescending. I know it's bad, but I really don't want to prove them right. My own stubbornness amuses me sometimes.

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I know how stubbornness can be. : )

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Also, he's two years younger than you, which puts him in like high school....Stach

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well... I know how stubbornness goes. I didn't apply to a certain university because my father really wanted me to go there. I say if you can look past it and really want to then to go for it. 2 years isn't that big of a difference depending on the time in your lives it is. It could always be a summer fling ;P (even though in my experience I never can have a boy for only the summer)

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