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It's strange to grow up with someone in your home who calls themselves your father, but never really feels like a dad. Sure the biology is there, but the love isn't. Now you're older, over halfway through college, and you haven't talked in four years. He brags about you to all his friends and family though, like he still knows anything about you. Family you also don't speak to tells you they heard from your dad about your great grades, your major, your marriage. But he hears about these things from Facebook posts, and regurgitates them with pride like they're his to be proud of. He wasn't there for your marriage, he isn't here for the grades, he didn't want you to be anything. A mistake, that's what he said, so why is he so proud now when it's already too late?

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Having a family, being traditional, raising children, holding a good job, conservative endeavors such as this are essential. It might surprise you how traditional my lifestyle becomes.

Keeping tradition, having a family, raising children, holding a job, getting an education, conservative endeavors such as these are essential.

Just that it’s Father’s Day doesn’t mean today is the exceptional day when I think of you as a father. What it means with you as a dad. I anticipate nearly obsessively being a father. Inevitably I’ll follow in your footsteps. There’s one very particular trail I hope to align myself. One aspect I’m very grateful to know. One tradition I hope to adhere to. This tradition is dutiful service. Traditionally accepted as the “grist to the mill”. Your acceptance of hard work, service, and duty has paid off, especially in making my transition into adulthood more comfortable. You can be paid off, if you want, in this satisfaction.

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I never really think about you

I don't need you But you're there Yelling, pretending to be in charge I don't remember many happy times I don't really know why I know you took me to Starwars And never approved of me You never seem proud, Until you're bragging around your friends I hate the way you speak to me, You're an economic power, nothing else You say you "love" me But I can't tell You once said you'd always support me You never do You said you couldn't be proud of me any more Because of who i've become Religion shouldn't be the basis of pride You are my biological father Because of things I don't say, You are not my dad A dad is warmer when everyone's gone Proud no matter what Accepts who you are And supports who you are becoming He is your #1 fan And loves you unconditionally

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