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I confess that I use paper clips to clean my ears far more than I use them to hold paper together.

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I confess I use my fingers for that job on more occasions than I use a q-tip.

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According to the warnings on the q-tip box, you're not even supposed to use q-tips for that. I don't know what the hell is supposed to be safe and proper with which to clean the inside of your ears.

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you're not supposed to stick anything pointy in your ears and cotton buds just push the wax further in apparently(not going to stop me), the only way to do it safely is by irrigation or using a special tool with a safety bit to keep from injuring yourself D:

me, I'm just glad I have long nails...

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My grandmother has an antique ear-scoop for that. No, really. It has mother-of-pearl inlays. That irrigation shit hurts. I suppose if you've done it enough to have everything in there spic and span, it doesn't, but if you nab a bottle of the liquid just to try it, the earwax it loosens, but doesn't flush out, slides around and KILLS. I've heard of people sticking wax paper tubes in their ears and setting them on fire. I'd rather have a little buildup in there, and a symmetrical hair style. Actually, my hair isn't symmetrical, but still, no flaming paper in my ear.

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Actually the whole ear candle thing works pretty well, it creates a gentle suction that removed ear wax. It's easy to avoid setting your hair on fire as well. First and foremost get a buddy who will watch and make sure the flame isn't getting too close to your head, and secondly cut a hole in the center of a pie plate for the candle and slide the plate close to your ear.

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I was kidding about the flaming hair, obviously one would be careful. Still, I ain't doing it.

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