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Tonight I watched my husband sit at the bedside of his dying grandmother and with his gentle hands he rubbed her back. She is incoherent now, restless- death rattle breaths escaping her little body. But when he touched her with those gentle hands she soothed in a way that even the morphine could not begin to accomplish. She is as much his mother as his own mother, who was just a child when she had him. His entire existence is filled with daily memories of her. In those memories she has always exuded strength and stubborn resolve. I know that he has never seen her so fragile. He is not a stoic man. He does not easily mask what he feels. And in his life he has not been dealt much grief. I admittedly assumed he would shy away, feel uncomfortable and scared… But my gentle husband with his gentle heart and gentle hands, did not waiver tonight. Tonight I saw such tender, sincere, and selfless love. So simple. So intimate. A wordless life story. His seemingly small action saidI love you. Thank you. Thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for raising me, for loving me, for taking such good care of me. It is my turn, let me show you what you taught melet me love you selflessly.” I cannot fully capture in words what I witnessed tonightI did not know that my insurmountable love for him could grow even deeper, but it did. I am blessed beyond measure, that he is my primary partner in this life… and I know she is to thank. I pray she finds rest soon and knows the significance of her time on this earth. For it is she who grew that gentle heart… those gentle hands.

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