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being annoyed by my granny's resistance to change is rather like being angry at gravity when I trip over something.

there's nothing I can do to change her stubborn mind about gay people being freaks or poor people being thieves... I just have to watch my step when she's around.

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My grandmother is so alone right now. My grandfather died last October and he was her only voice of reason. Just recently, she received a phone call from AT&T telling her about some changes in her phone bill. They proceeded to talk her into dumping Comcast and installing AT&T phone, TV, and internet services...and she doesn't even own a computer. Really, AT&T, really? And to really twist the knife in her wallet, they gave her every phone option they could give her without her knowledge and now her bill is more than our Comcast bill WITH internet and everything.

This goes along with a security company that called her up and managed to get her to buy a $1500 security system for her house that doesn't even work half of the time.

I am worried about who else could call her up and talk her into something else. It is hard for me to tell her that listening to the idiots that call her up randomly like that are bad because she is so stubborn about these things and just goes along with anything because she doesn't know any better because my grandfather was always there to stop her.

I feel so sad for her...

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Tomorrow is my great-grandmother's 100th birthday. She's a badass. She's diabetic, but she's already told me she wants no less than three cakes. I'm going to have to keep my eye on her intake, because I'm pretty sure she's said that death by cake wouldn't be a bad way to go...

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I've been looking through a lot of my old writings from the past few years. I couldn't believe all of the characters I've based off of some aspect of my grandmother. It wasn't just that though.... it was more. I put her in poems, in various journal writings. I've written of her on the Ether before even. She seems to have been the single most influential person in my life. I love her so much.

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my grandma cussed more than i do. she was so strong, and so smart... i am not sad she is gone, but rather, i am sad that i never got to really see her as a person and not just grandma. i wish i would have learned how to make pasta sauce from her, how to bowl, and how to properly pronounce "va fungoul".

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i miss my granny so much. sometimes i just think about her and i get so sad. however, i can't cry. i am my mother's rock. when she went into depression i was there for her. i didn't cry, i didn't act sad because i knew she was depending on me. i'm pretty sure that i went into depression with her, but i didn't show it because she is so much more important. she had lost her mother, and in a sense I had lost mine.

My grandmother was what held our family together and without her we kind of fell apart. Now, we're are getting things back together. She would be proud. We're as close as we use to be before her death. I think it might have even brought us closer together. Now, everything is wonderful.

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My granny died when I was five.

My only memories of her are in a hospital bed, unable to talk because of tubes in and around her mouth and neck.

She used a magnidoodle to speak.

I remember that I loved her, just as grandparents are normally loved.

I never knew what it meant to be in a hospital bed for years.

I never knew what it meant when my parents stopped letting me go.

All I knew was that I wanted to see granny.

I wanted to climb onto the end of her hospital bed. Sit against her tiny, frail body.

I never knew that every visit I was watching her die.

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I never really got to know either of my grandmothers. One was dead before I was born, and the other was bedridden and I think I only met her once, when I was maybe six years old, then she died shortly afterward.

Everyone always makes their grandmothers sound so nice, I wish I had one.

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My grandmother is one of the most wonderful, compassionate people I've ever met. Granted, she can get angry and be crazy, but over all, she's calm and, most importantly, accepting. She has been the rock of my life, the kind little voice in my head, pushing me to the left or right of trouble.

Grandmothers aren't always the people who spoil us, sometimes they're the ones who simply care for us. They make us feel better by being there.

I can hear her in my head, telling me stories about some characters in childrens books like the princess and the pea and all those lovelies. Yey for grandmothers

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