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So, Baltimore is kind of terrifying if you don't know it. One night I went to my friend's house for a party, and when I went out to get something from my car later, I realized--I was high, mind you--that I was wearing a blue bandana. That is like the biggest no-no you can do in a city that has Crips and Bloods! And I'm not necessarily sure why or how, but Baltimore definitely has Crips and Bloods. I've always heard that the Bloods are much more ruthless. Now, I'm not saying I support either side--I am, in fact, on the side of peace. But holy shit, even with a red bandana, I feel like Crips would just beat the shit out of me. I could've fucking died!

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Lol. I wear red and blue bandanas all the time. Granted there are a lot more bloods here than crips (I don't think I've seen more than 2 or 3 crips, ever, hm) but still. And anyway, if it's blue, it has to be baby blue.

Gang members aren't idiots. It's pretty obvious if you're a member or not, a colored bandana isn't really the only indication...

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Oh, also, I saw a dude who was very obviously a blood get into a powder blue car the other day. I laughed my ass off.

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That is pretty funny actually... but I dunno. I still think it's kind of a dangerous thing to do. My friend's cousin got his ass beat just for wearing the wrong color bandana once. Granted he is also black, but still. The Crips have been recruiting white dudes lately too, at least in B-more.

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...Or so I've been told.

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