Oh, I love this word. I often compliment attractive but idiotic women on their decolletage. I feel safe doing this because I've noticed a pattern with idiots. They assume everyone is like them. They assume everyone is heterosexual, wants to be thin, belongs to a mainstream Christianesque religion, etc.

I wonder if any one of them have ever looked it up later, and figured out, "Oh my god, that girl likes boobies!" Or just assumed I was confused about the definition.

D├ęcolletage is the word for cleavage. Articles are everything. It has also recently come into my mind that I should be less abrasive and more outwardly accepting of people and their ideas and thought. I originally outwardly scoffed at just about everything whilst actually considering everything in my mind. This lead me to hypocritical moments when I would support things I had mocked. Also it seems that my words may actually impact the temperment and feeling of my friends so I was again being hypocritical in that I expressed directly that I was all for they're well being; however, I would then indirectly through my mockery hurt them.


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