I totally shouldn't be disappointed. But I totally am.

I missed her, is all.

sigh This silly, sentimental fool needs to get his mind on other things.

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You really can't force someone out of your mind, you know. Or, I can't. But from what I've seen of other people, you have to wait it out. Preferably with a bottle or some other little help from your friends.

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I think I might fear disappointment. I refuse to let myself get excited about things because I don't want to be disapoointed later. It's happened too many times and I don't want it to happen again. I only get excited about things that I know for a fact are going to happen. That way I won't be disappointed. People say that it's a bad thing that I don't let myself get excited but it helps me get through.

The last comforting thought I have each night, is maybe I’ll just die in my sleepI always wake up so disappointed.


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