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I really thought we were going to spend some time together. We talked about these plans for... fuck, half a year. We were sad that we were apart and couldn't hang out, but we kept reminding each other that we would hang out when you came back to town. Then you finally came back and I didn't make the cut.

I guess I was silly to get too emotionally wrapped up in our plans. Nonetheless, I'm still disappointed.

This happens a lot, come to think of it. I bounce between feeling like I'm not actually as important to my friends as I think and feeling like I just get hit too hard by disappointments caused by random, unavoidable circumstance.

I definitely get emotionally fucked up by the issue of whether or not people want to hang out with me, thanks to years of built-up childhood neuroses. Yet another thing added to the list of problems I need to grow up and get over.

Also, I need to stop posting to Ether drunk.

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really, I think PCs should detect when you're drunk and stick a notice on your screen saying 'you are drunk. are you suuuure you want to post this?'

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Like Clippit, but activated by the smell of whiskey.

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