thought 2 years, 1 week ago...

Why is even a modicum of human touch so out of reach for me? Every time someone says "Anyone can get a hookup," I want to scream.

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You know I crave your touch but do you melt inside when you feel mine?

thought 6 years, 10 months ago...

The last time I was intimately touched… it was from a person who was molesting me.

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You touched me. Not in a sexual way. Not in a teasing way. It was just a touch in passing. Not even being together, it was a touch. There was that moment of feeling alive again in that slight touch. It was enough to make me feel wanted. Something I have felt very little of over the past year. I worry that if I told you just how much that little touch means to me, I'll scare you away just like all the others. Don't be afraid to let me feel that again. Please, let me feel alive.

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i'm a very touchy-feely kind of person. sometimes, i really just want to cuddle but i feel all weird about it or don't know how to initiate it or make it clear that i just want to feel physical contact and body warmth. it has nothing to do with sex, and only a little bit to do with a friendship kind of love.

i just want some one to hold me and tell me that everything is going to work itself out.

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Same here... but recently my friends have just been in the same kind of mood, and it moves from us all just sitting around talking to stuff like "Hey, _______ come join me and (whoever) on the couch" and gradually degenerates into everyone just kind of lolling around on top of each other happily and talking. I believe our term for this is a "cuddle puddle." I don't know how the first one happened really, except for us all just goofing around, and it ending up cuddly. Dunno. Wish I could give you better advice. Maybe just hug people a lot?

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When you pull me close and kiss my cheek sometimes I want to run. It seems it's my satisfaction that you seek and that still I'm just another one of your creature comforts Not me, but a girl. Another lover. A warm, familiar touch. And if you can make me happy, maybe you won't hurt so much. There's more to me than my laugh, and it's the dark part of me that needs you most It's the curious, bruised child in you that I love Not this persona of showman and host I don't mind being a counterweight while you flex your emotions But don't say that you love so much when I'm just good enough I'm not your reflection, and you can't study your flaws in my touch

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It occurred to me that I have never had a guy touch me. Not in a sexual way like getting fingered or something, but in a sensual way. I've never had a guy caress the bare skin of my stomach or back or even my shoulders. It's something that I think I would like. Feeling someone else's hands on parts of you that are usually hidden away.

I don't know why but this is a relatively new fantasy of mine. I like to imagine this guy (not just any guy I have a specific guy in mind) touching me, and caressing me on my stomach and back and legs. Places that I usually keep covered.

Maybe it's just my fascination with being completely exposed, but it's something that I'd like to try, and specifically someone I'd like to try it with.

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I've been intimate with none other than women for over four years now, and I wouldn't trade it for the world, but there is something amazing about a man's touch. I'd take a woman's touch over a man's any day, but that's just a personal preference.

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She finally found a touchy-touch guy, a cuddle monster, someone who enjoys casual physical contact as much as she does. Let's observe them throughout a day...

She wakes up intertwined with him, hone hand tangled in his hair, the other holding him close or tight in some way...As he brews his coffee and she her tea, the sleepily trade smooches and hug several times. Gentle pats on the ass aren't uncommon. When they sit in front of the TV to gather information despite the news, they slouch or lay together on the large sectional couch, drifting off again if time permits. They hold hands, they rub each other on the arm, the leg, the stomach, the back, anywhere.

When they're in the car, driving around town (a daily occurance with their job, sometimes spending 4+ hours driving from property to property, hardware store to Mcdonald's, etc) almost always holding hands, or one has a hand on the other's leg, or is rubbing the other's arms, or the passenger is leaning over and laying their head on the driver. When stopped at a light, they kiss, anything from a quick smooch to a deep soul licking french kiss, often with the hands in the hair/cupping or stroking the face/ hands running up the back. Sometimes they just wrap their arms around each other and enjoy the sensation of being held until the light goes green, or are honked at.

They attended a concert recently, and even though a friend met them at their house and rode with them, and this smaller group joined a larger group of about six at the show, they were there for each other only. They danced mainly with each other, sometimes grinning at one another, sometimes with eyes locked and electricity shooting between them, sometimes not even facing, with one or both dancing in small circles. Niether one is impolite to anyone else in the group, conversation between songs and during the smoke break is easy and light. But they don't stray far from each other.

When they sleep at night, they always cuddle for a while, the length of time depending on various things, then move into the spoon position to fall asleep. Both bent slightly forward at the waist, two sets of knees pushed out, with the legs pulled up. A comfortable position for them when stretched out seperately, their favorite when they need to be pressed against each other to sleep. She bends forward slightly more so he can breathe. She can feel his heartbeat through her back, few things she knows are so comforting. They're almost always on their right sides, and he puts his left arm over her, pulling her to him, with his left hand cupping her left breast. If she's had a bad (anxiety ridden and panicky) day, she also cuddles her stuffed lion, Olly, needing the extra comfort of plush fur and something that won't roll away from her in sleep. No other man she's slept with, actually shared a bed with for an entire night, was much for cuddling, and certainly not at this level.

Prolly more later.

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I want us to be able to touch without being awkward. Why is this so hard for me?

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T-t-t-touch me. I want to be dirty.

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Oh, Rocky Horror...such great fun

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Oh lawd... The hottest part of that song isn't when Susan Sarrandon sings that line, but when Magenta sings the second half, "I want to be dirty."

I don't even try to understand why I am attracted to things anymore, or why certain things (Like being laced up nice and slowly, but tightly into a corset ^.^) turn me on. I just seek them out...

-sets that song on repeat for a while-

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I love it when he touches me, no matter which one through the history you've decided to pinpoint. I always loved it.I love the variation.... One was agressive, almost violent in passion, another overly hesitant, nervous, afraid....another still was emotionally connected or there's always the ones who are analytical, constantly wondering how to touch you and where in order to get the best possible results. And then there's a wide array of others.

I was lying on the bed, curled up with you, your arms wrapped neatly around me, head burried in my hair. I smiled to think of falling asleep next to you again, it had been a long time apart. The softness of the kiss you planted at the base of my neck brought me closer to forgetting my modesty. Then you kissed my cheek. I knew what you wanted and I knew I couldn't stop myself. The touch of your fingertips against my neck, pushing my hair off of my shoulders and underneath your hands. I turned my head to face you as much as possible. A kiss, another, and another...then you were lying on top of me. A dangerous situation considering our location, our surroundings. I smiled at you and you looked me in the eye, calculating my look. So I stopped smiling and merely gazed at you, realizing just how beautiful you were in that moment.

Again, we were lying in a bed, only this time it was a different boy. He and I were trying to take a nap after we'd eaten because we both had much to do that day and hadn't slept much lately. This time there was no danger of discovery, there was no hesitation. Compliance, gentleness, the best way to relieve the stress that had set in on me.

They responded differently to the touching, one no more responsive than the other, it was just a different response. Each attempted to discover what it was that I wanted, but there's the secret....there is no secret.

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