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everyone talks of change. of the world changing, of us changing ourselves. How much change is really going on? i see new buildings, people gaining years, finishing schooling, getting jobs. But when i look beyond that, all i see are people fitting into the existing mold. I see no change. I see only continuation.

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I had this same thought the other day while I was walking around. Everything felt so permanent, as if a snapshot of the world around me would be essentially identical to one of the future or the past. Then I realized that that was just an illusion, and that I wouldn't have to be in a place or a time very far away from my own for everything to seem very unfamiliar. States rise and fall from power, life changes forms, the makeup of the Earth changes, etc. I was surprised how quickly my mind changed and I felt like nothing in my world would last for long. Then I expanded my thoughts into an even larger context of space and time and realized that the universe and eternity exist in a permanent state of flux, causation, reaction, and equilibrium. Nothing is permanent, but the direction that everything is moving in is permanent.

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