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Okay I know I've done a thought about FernGully before, but seriously, this is mindblowing. More so than the thought "mindblowing" which is actually about FernGully. So two groups of my friends, completely independent of each other, decided it would be a good idea to watch FernGully. At the same time I was texting my friend about how she and I need to watch it. My first thought was "is there something in the water?" but then it'd probably be a government effort, and why would the government want us watching FernGully? It's too random of a movie for it to be coincidence. Like, far too random of a movie.

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Because Ferngully is one of those movies that is just so awesome that sometimes your brain, when otherwise lacking in awesome things to occupy it, will dredge it up out of your childhood memories and throw it at you.

And unfortunately, this government does not seem to be one that would be trying to get us to watch more Ferngully... maybe a resistance movement? Eco-terrorists? Communists?

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"price check on prune juice bob, price check on prune juice" -One of the few lines that has stuck with me through the years, though I still remember the plot pretty well.

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Hehe, that made me look up the Batty rap. Yay for Youtube.

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