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It's odd that I'm suddenly aspiring to a government job.

It's not like I've ever been an anarchist or anything. I've never been openly against "the system".

However, "Your Tax Dollars At Work" has always been a phrase I scoff at, because I've seen where they go, and I have little faith in my government.

I want to believe, though. I want to land that job that guarantees free medical and dental and retirement and doesn't pay too much but is enough to live off of and keep some savings on the side.

I don't want a white picket fence and a family, I just want to live comfortably.

And dental. I really, really want free dental.

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The idea of wanting everyone to help each other to have the same resources and opportunities sounds perfectly anarchist to me.

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i've felt that way for a while, too, sort of. i'm not sure though. are good benefits and job security really worth spending all your time in a boring, monotonous, dreary cubicle world?

maybe i'm just not ready to settle into a career yet and everything seems sort of unappealing. but having known a few government works, it really seems like the epitome of dilbert-esque futility.

goddamn though, health insurance and dental would be nice. i mean, how many jobs really provide the kind of benefits gov jobs do?

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