I don't know what to make of people saying "It's okay, you did terrible shit but we love you, like you, want you, need you, think you're interesting (and I've begun to suspect if I were boring, it would be different) and we forgive you. I almost don't want the forgiveness. I don't deserve it, but that's almost the definition of it, eh? The post by the blue box, under forgiveness, was about me. I connived and cheated and cheated on and stole from this person, and still they forgive me. I don't understand it. All I can do is be grateful. Blue box person is nothing if not understanding and compassionate. But what about the other people who have said "Nah, it's cool?" They're bigoted and narrow-minded, have no grasp of weakness or addiction. But still, I'm given another chance. I'm given food and shelter, transportation and care, all on the word that I'm going to change. Since when is the word of an addict anything besides scoff-worthy?


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