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Throughout my art is the running theme of lacking that which you desire most, which stems from my frustrations with my love life.

There's many ways it manifests (for example, see my entry on angels), but for here i'll discuss the manifestations in storylines I write. There's 2 ways:

A.) Character searches for something he desires and never quite gets it.

B.) Character searches for something he desires and gets it for one glorious moment, and then loses it. Either it flees, he fucks up and drops it, or it is taken away from him and/or destroyed.

In regards to the wound that started it all of my love life situation, it's mostly all been A, with only one moment of arguable B...

but now there's the, er, new girl in my life...

but it's still not to late for it to turn into a B story.

There's still time for me to fuck up. For her to run away. For her to get back together with her ex, or worse.

Honestly, i'm wondering what's going to happen if this DOES work out - what happens to an artist when their wound is healed?

i wonder when my grasp on this world, this life, this universe, will loosen.

when my grasp on you will have no effect.

i want to hold on to you, dig my hands into your flesh, never let you go.

i feel you leaving already, and it scares me.

if i lose this, next time, i'm covering my hands in superglue.

he'll never get away from me.

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