It's strange how one minute you can meet a person a person so much like yourself that you can't imagine not being around this person. I guess it kind of starts out like an obsession maybe. Like some sort of chemical reaction where you can't not be around that person for more than five minutes at a time without getting a headache realizing that this other person is the only one who really sees you. Who really understand who you can trust with everything and anything and then, one day out of nowhere almost it starts to die down. You stop depending on this other person so much. You start meeting others who fill that persons place until one day you don't know that person who you once did everything with as if they were your twin. All you have are the hollow shells of what use to be. Of what it is was like to be part of a whole.

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I know exactly what you mean. I barely even talk to my former best friend anymore. BFF, she was not.

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