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A group that I am a part of sent sheets around, one sheet for every name of every person in our organization. On this page we were to say what this person adds to the organization, or at least something great about them.

I was a little apprehensive to receive my sheet because I'm a paranoid, anxious, depressed sort of gal.

However, when I received my sheet I felt an overwhelming sense of acceptance that branched out into an even deeper sense of being loved and respected as a person.

Some of the things that were written about me included "She's so smart! And good at making people comfortable in conversation, you can't help but like her."

"***** has contributed by bringing an incredibly open-minded view to everything and encouraging people to try new things."

"For having amazing tattoos and being so unique."

"By being the best wife ever! You will come in and help out with anything and everything that needs help. You are a great listener, and you care. You are so full of love and passion and that's why I love you."

"Smart and always positive, even though she's a veggie"

I was really questioning why I had joined this organization for a while. I am the only person with visible tattoos and I tend to dress differently than the rest of them, but they love me for that.

I think that this exercise was so wonderful! I really think that other organizations should try to do things like this, not only does it draw you closer to the organization but it makes you feel so much better about yourself.

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