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I wish I knew why I got these headaches. Things like sugar, a large meal at the wrong time, and even drinking too much water can give me headaches. I took iron supplements in high school, and that took care of them then. I've started to take them again and they're not as bad. But still, goddamn. I had half a bottle of juice, and I feel pretty sure that that's why I'm going to have a headache for half the day. What gives? That's not normal. If it's not with a meal, I literally drink soda by the shot, and usually can't finish half of a can or a bottle without feeling off. Nothing in my diet can explain it. Could it be some weird hypoglycemia or diabetes thing? I hate feeling vulnerable like this. And I hate headaches. I feel like I can't do anything when my head's throbbing.

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if it's all food and drink related, i'd be surprised if it's not some sort of blood sugar thing. i dunno, have you ever gone to the doctor for it?

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I've come to the conclusion that it's a blood sugar thing. I would go too long without eating, and once my blood sugar dropped, I would not eat soon enough and/or not eat food with simple sugars. Then right after I ate, I would get a headache because my blood sugar still wasn't up to a normal level, but I would think that it was the meal that actually caused the headache. I've started taking glucose or drinking juice or soda right when I start feeling low-blood-sugary and it seems to be making a big difference.

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I've had a headache for two days now, over thinking, under thinking all of this, and I'm over it all, so over in fact that I crawled right back on top, full knowing what I'd find.

My stomach twists with knots, can't eat again today, belly rages, but the cabinets are empty, my soul is empty, but the sink is full, the trash and the kitty litter box,

Can't bring myself to vacuum broken pieces off the floor. been playing the songs again, but no words come, no inspiration, just a void here in quite solace, and suffocating silence, a raging violence, a headache, a numbness now, one day I'll figure this out,

She's not talking to me. not that she needs to, not that he needs to either, not that I haven't dug the holes for each, not that I haven't lived in the wake of you're wreckage for months now, and you're pissed because I'm finally making my own.

I just have a head ache, the throbbing kind that comes from clenching one's teeth too hard, in restless dreams that keep my mind pacing the floors at night, because it's too scared to open it's eyes. and too tired to see the light.

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