its the way each step she takes and the tilt of her chin seem to tell anyone who judges her to fuck off. its the way her eyes dance over each person she sees and the smile that pulls her lips up as though others are there simply to amuse her. its the way her eyebrow cocks and her face goes blank when she hears something she disagrees with. its her strong hands and short nails when they curl into fists. and its the way this tough woman, the one no one else would see as soft and beautiful, curls up against me in the night and askes me to hold her. its they way ahe reaches for my hand. it the way she melts into laughter when i do something silly. not mean laughter, delighted laughter that makes you smile along. its the dimple in the corner of her mouth. this is why i love her. these are just a few small reasons why i would give her all i had and ask nothing in return but a kiss.


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