Many people wonder what really goes on in lesbian bedrooms. is it really like in porn movies? In lesbian bedrooms women curse as their alarms go off. they strech and open their eyes to the new day. they damn their jobs and bosses for forcing them to wake up so early. The center of the lesbian bedroom is in fact the bed. in the bed tears are shed, movies watched, breakfasts eaten and games played. pets, children and lovers jump in to cuddle. crumbs hide in the folds of the sheets. shoes get lost underneath it. In lesbian bedrooms women curl close to each other in the winter and put icy feet on the warm legs of their lover. in the heat of summer they swat mosquitios and rake sweaty hair off the backs of their necks. In lesbian bedrooms women whisper their thoughts and hopes. plans are made and broken. work is done. In lesbian bedrooms women shed their busy day at the door and fall asleep wrapped in each others arms. And, in lesbian bedrooms, women love. hard, soft, fast and slow. then they laugh and see the world in the eyes of their lover. or they cry and wish for more. Thtas what happens in a lesbians bedroom.


  • Luna Kay
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