My tears burn.... not just from the pain that caused them but from the knowledge that they don't matter and they will never be seen by those who they concern. They burn because no one here cares. Somewhere people care, but not here. not here

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If I were there... I would care...I hate being far away from you :(

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I haven't cried real tears in maybe over four years. My eyes well and leak due to allergies and sometimes when I'm really really angry they well but no tears. No real tears. It's like I've forgotten how to cry. To release the mucky build up inside.

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I'm sorry for that.... I used to be like that, but now it seems like the smallest sentimental thing sets me into a waterfall of tears.

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There have been times when I didn't cry, couldn't cry, for months. Those were times when I was on something like Lexapro, Wellbutrin, etc. I don't take that stuff anymore because it zombied me up. Other than that, I cry so often. It builds up and I don't have many ways of releasing it.

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