thought 9 years, 8 months ago...

We are about to enter into a game I'm far more experienced at. I want you to know this. Everything you are doing, have started to do, I already know about. Every move you have made, and thought you'd gotten away with, you haven't.

You are a level 1, to my level 30 my dear. You are losing before you even really begin to play.

May the odds ever be in your favor.

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I am too old to play mind games for fun. I don't even have the energy to pretty up my speech or writing the way I used to. i'm fairly sure the slow decline of effort I put into the words I string together, be it in text or speech, had a good deal to do with the dissolution of a relationship built on shaky pedastels and a shared penchant for drug use. In this same relationship, I played a lot of games. This boy was so busy manipulating everyone around him with a million finely tuned half truths that he wasn't prepared for the possibility that someone might manipulate him. Therefore, I slipped in and firmly hooked my bitch-hooks into him, and he never knew what happened.

I was skilled at making a suggestion of mine seem like his idea. I led him to confuse the quality of our sex life with the quality of our relationship.

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You thought I didn't want to go, but I really just wanted to tell me you wanted me there. And because you apparently don't yet understand my mind's intrinsic games...I am sitting here alone. And I still don't know if you wanted me to go with you. Maybe I'm crazy.

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