Everybody’s weird but only some people will realize that they are weird and even fewer will work on that. Justifying every action you do and working on those shall improve your morals and make you more real, however the fuck you’d like to take that.

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Secret to happiness: cherish the weird in yourself and everything else. Justifying your weirdness will in the end ruin your self-esteem. Every aspect of yourself should be respected. If you question your quirks, that's one thing. But to always be justifying it is exhausting. 33.5 years on this planet has taught me to be willingly weird. (And I have no friends and three mental illnesses lmao)

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I sit here and I wonder about myself. I wonder what it is that’s keeping me from getting up off of this fold up chair and walking into the other room down a flight of stairs and into the kitchen looking for that knife, you know the one, that big stainless steel number. What’s keeping me from taking what I want and leaving everyone else behind? I would be happier, I would have less to worry about, alone isn’t so bad considering the alternative.


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