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is a word I associate with love, love that I am too afraid to know or chase. Can I touch you? I should always ask.

The moment she and her boyfriend left, the remaining party launched into an hour-long bitch about how annoying she is and why won't she just relax and what is up with her and her boyfriends and did she become so annoying when she lost all that weight and rar rar argh...

So I sat, and drank, and laughed along, and wondered what they say about me when I'm not there.

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I'm being such a bitch tonight, I don't know what the hell is wrong with me! I snapped at my boyfriend because he was talking during a movie, I totally ignored a friend who was trying to cheer me up online, I started arguments with two other friends about completely stupid things and pissed them both off...

I am in such a bad, angry mood right now and I don't know why :/

I should just go to bed and hope it doesn't last til morning, but I had suc a shit night's sleep last night that another few hours of tossing and turning doesn't really appeal.

I've lost all my agony aunts and my boyfriend is just confused and upset by how I'm acting. I needed to vent. Thanks, Ether...

You are so much better than her, if you'll pardon my cliché. You guys never looked right to me anyway, what with you being generally sweet and lovable, and her being mean and cuntish. She is just using you for sex and beer, and everyone knows it. You could find dozens of better people within a ten-mile radius; do it. I hope she loses you, but I'm sure she won't care past a week before she hops on someone's cock for a shot of vodka.

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Whatever bitch, I'm going to rise above and not even pretend to be paying attention. Grow up and get the fuck out.

why am i such a bitch, and when the fuck am i going to get my act together?

the world, it seems, does not revolve around me. it's about time i start acting like it.


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We're all allowed our days.

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I find myself giving in to my bitchy side more and more often. I need to work on that.

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Today was the worst day of my adult life. It had a couple of cool or funny moments, but there was a point where I was almost crying in fetal position in the corner. Shortly after that a guy tried to start shit, but then he made a certain accusation, and I did what any animal does when it feels threatened: I made myself look bigger and established eye contact. And he backed away like the little bitch he was. If you're gonna start shit, you gotta finish shit. End of story.

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Life is such a bitch. I've worked practically my entire life towards a certain goal just to have someone tear it away from me at the last second. I wish I could say it didn't matter that much, but honestly it does. This screws up everything, and there's no way to fix it.

Damn it all. I hate this.

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I have matured quite a bit since I started posting on here. It's kind of funny to look back on my old thoughts. I wish my blogs on Catch 27 were still around.

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You can call me a bitch, but I felt no remorse as I felt her shrink back behind him, that scared, awkward look on her face like that of a kicked puppy. Tail between it's legs, the puppy shies away, eyes always focused on the kicker. That's the way she behaved. Her eyes locked on me, like maybe I would leap at her, knock her to the ground, maybe push her down the stairs.

Funny how the word "bitch" can inspire that kind of look.

I feel no remorse for the girl who can't deal with a word. Five letters, one syllable, no real consequence of the sound.

It floats from the mouth and disperses, harmless, more like a butterfly than a bullet.

The word cannot hurt you.

And yet you shy away.

And I feel no remorse.

If I let words affect me the way they affect you, I would have died a long time ago.

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I completely agree. Some people just need to get the fuck over it. Didn't your mother ever teach you "sticks and stones."

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