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Geeze. I try to finally get back into playing an online game and everyone in it is bitchy and hostile. At least the vocal ones. Has playing games to have fun gone out of style?

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no, but too many people derive their fun from being jerks in games. some games have particularly terrible communities though - sadly the cheaper or more popular a game is, the worse its community tends to be.

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Fun is going out of style. Trolling is the new ecstasy.

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Look! Maybe my thought process is pretty similar to shitty game. But if I was actually trying to pick people up with this, I would be goddamn embarrassed. Why does everyone assume I'm trying to get my dick wet! Is it just because I have a dick? Sophia, Sophia! This is not high school!

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shit. i lost. ;)

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I am so tired of this game, and I have been playing a lot recently. It's fun at first...feeling out the other players. Getting to know their gaming style. But then the newness goes away. Or you start losing, and it sucks.

I keep promising myself that I'll never play again, but then a new player will come along, and curiosity will get the better of me.

i don't want to play anymore, but I know as soon as I have someone to play with I'll be playing again.

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lol...not exactly what i was aiming for but sure...

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Get the fuck out of Ether. We don't want your kind here. spits on the floor in contempt

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i hope that was a sarcastic remark, because if it wasn't, it was pretty stupid.

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whoops, no harm done. i'm lousy at sensing cyber-sarcasm. or just sarcasm in general.

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No, I'm serious. There is nary a more loathsome creature than the detestable Pokemon Cheater. I will eat your black heart and steal your Charizard.

(Don't worry. Not sarcastic, but ironic.)

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you'll never get my charizard.

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