sometimes i still dream that some long haired, kinda dorky boy will take interest in me and sweep me off my feet. i am a lesbian and very happy being one. so why is it that i see a boy, anf get the urge to smile at him in hopes he will talk to me? i dont have any sexual desire to be with a man. i guess the dreams i had as a child of being held and married to a man are still floating around in my mind only to surface when a certain guy appears in my sight. odd though, isnt it?

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I know what you mean. Before I came out I used to look for a guy in each of my classes that I found attractive, and my goal would be to try and get one of them to like me before the semester was out.. or trimester as it was in high school. there's that sense instilled in you that you have to be the housewife, you have to have the kids and the husband and the white picket fence. Even if it's far from what you're really looking/longing for.

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