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Parrots... I had a pet parrot once. Or I should say my family did. I hated that thing - it was not MY pet.

Parrots don't make very good pets because they're a commitment on levels most people don't understand. They're whores for attention, so much of a social animal than any other pet you can think of.

Our parrot didn't get enough attention and went insane and plucked all its feathers off. We sold it to someone who could take the time to take care of it better and it improved greatly - but was eventually killed by one of the woman's cats.

Up until then though she was at least a source of ocassional entertainment - that thing was insane and so very very weird.

In conclusion, I don't recommend parrots.

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My cousin wants a $25,000 parrot. I think that's the stupidest thing in the world, one because it's $25,000, and two because the thing will live to be older than you. That's making a lifetime commitment at age 18. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

She's a little spoiled rotten, but I feel bad for her. She gets a new $800 purse from her parents every season. She's just gotten her second brand new car from her father. She's shocked that I pay my own insurance.

When she bugged her parents for the parrot, they said "When you marry rich, sure honey."

She wants to major in Engineering. Granted, that's not rich rich, but it has the potential for a six figure income.

How could you say that to your kid?

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