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Dear friend.

We at Viralink have heard your having trouble making ends meet. Sometimes your rent money has to go towards your cell phone bill, it seems. We've also noted that your fash' on budget actually drops below your food spending sometimes. Our records even show that your intake of mass produced media has decreased due to your budget restrictions. Well, DEAR friend, we have an answer for you.

For people 'in the know' like me and you, it's a tactic that is called outsourcing. Here is how it works. Someone asks someone to do something for X amount of money. Then THAT person asks someone else to do it for X-Y. They then pocket Y and wipe their hands of the whole thing. We now have the tools available to do this on such a grand scale to make even the mountains quake and the seas to dry up.

With the simplest of tools, such as an IM client, a VOIP client, and email, a person can sit and home and avoid working at a greater efficency than ever before known. It isn't even important to know what a person is asking you to do once the system is up. Once you have a network of people working with you, and I use that foul word loosely, then you can just pass the job orders 'down the chain'.

This creates a complicated heirachy so entwined that actual workers will never discover the information they need to do their work, which ensures that the same project is reprocessed. It's ETERNAL! The original employer will never be able to find out who is actually liable for the work that was, ahem, completed either.

So, start small by asking thousands of companies if there is anything you can do to help. As soon as one says yes, then immediately find someone else to say they will do it. Cash your check, and go watch a movie! The American dream, realized!

If you need help getting started at avoiding productive effort and helping our economy by ensuring that a simple job pays thousands of people then feel FREE to contact Viralink headquarters. We would be more than happy to send an ... agent... your way to help you out. We are excited to have you be a part of the team!

We really need to get you back on track, anyways. We're finding that you've actually met a dozen new people in the last month, and that you've left your home almost a DOZEN times this week. A DOZEN. By our calculations if we can get you employed at home we can get you back where you belong, in front of your entertainment devices and away from each other.


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