They still make them. They're up to version 4. I never thought I'd see them again.

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Flashbacks to the movie "Happiness"...

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Flashback to being workn up by the sound of chirping when my virtual pet was hungry, and begging my Mom to look after it while I was at day camp.

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I never saw that flick :( ALSO version 3 apparently introduced a pause button.

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A pause button completely removes the point! I remember running home from school one day after we were banned from having them at school with us, only to find the stupid thing had pooped everywhere and was dying. Silly tamagotchi, learn to use a litter tray like the cats do!

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My Tamagotchi got out of its fence and mauled a little girl who was walking home from school. Animal control caught it and had it put to sleep and my family had to pay a big fine to the city and a settlement to the girl's family. I still miss Chompy a lot.

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haha, i still have them. i have the kind where you can link with another and they can play together.

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