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Appreciation for something..something some one has done for you, or is going to do for you, something that you were given, something that was taken from you that you no longer wanted, for a compliment that you were offered. Personally, I say thank you a lot... something about letting people know that you appreciate them is important to me. The end results may remain the same between you, but some times they truly are touched by your gratitude.

It's never too late to say thank you for something. I tank my friends constantly for being jsut that. "Thank you (insert name here)" They respond, "For what?" I reply, with a smile, "For being a good friend... sometimes it's nice to be appreciated."

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Thank you. You know who you are. Thanks you for holding me. Thank you for making me feel worthwhile, intelligent, and beautiful. Thank you for trying to satisfy my voracious sexual appetite. Many parts of our relationship were wonderful.

Thank you for putting up with my youthful stupidity, and intense restlessness.

Thank you for introducing me to Tom Waits, Radiohead, Adult Swim, The Muncie Scene website, and actual scene, and vanilla chai tea lattes.

Thank you for going exploring with me, and appreciating the calming effect of 'our spot by the river'.

Thank you for all the support you gave me in our years together, because, as you are well aware of, I was battling many demons the entire time. My rampant uncontrollable emotions. The anxiety that I've wrestled with since I was very small. The anxiety that, like ivy, wraps around my tower of rational thought, emotional control, and mental stability, and slowly destroys it, brings it down.

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