Every time I read this book I fall more in love with Simon. There are days I wish to God that I was Zoe.

Mmm mm mmm. Edward Cullen, for sure.

As if he's not enough though, I have fantasies about becoming a vampire and how I'd be bitten and transformed and my vampire master would chain me up and take advantage of me, forever making me his sex slave. I wish.

the only thing to say is Edward Cullen...

I must agree that vampires are pretty amazing. I'm not so much a fan of the creepy, psycho-killer kind, but the "nice" vampires are fascinating.

I like vampires, not going to lie. They're pretty hott. My favorite vampire of all time is Simon from The Silver Kiss. That is my favorite book and Simon is just really hott. I also really like Edward Cullen from Twilight and New Moon. The Cullens are really hott. All in all vampires in general are just really hott. I'd do them.

my mother named me after a character in an anne rice novel. she thought it was a lovely name.

ever since i began reading, though, i've had an obsession with books that have plotlines around the paranormal. including vampires and werewolves.

It seems that in the latter part of the 20th century, vampires changed from their previous interpretation of the "creepy, not-so-attractive, disgusting" vampires to the "hot, sexy, desireable" vampires of today.

Now we have vampires in the movies played by such beauties as Kate Beckensale or Stuart Townshed.

What happened, I wonder...what changed the preception? It's not like this was the first break of obsessions with vampirism....that was in the 1890a in France.

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