i used to wonder, "why can't you ever call me beautiful, instead?" when i was with my previous love interest.

today, i have found the perfect boy, one who calls me gorgeous, beautiful, darling. sweet, meaningful things. not hot. sexy. nothing so vulgar. he sees beauty in me, not some toy to be played with.

he makes my little heart melt. i hope i don't ever lose him. i guess i'm a little young for that sort of thought. i want to write more about it. under "fear".

Fo shizzle.

What is it about this era that has brought us to believe that our words should be mispelled to make us look cooler? Hott is does NOT mean good looking. Hott is the name of an electronic magazine. He is hott= he is an electronic magazine. Damn, now that's a compliment, and I know that I want to fuck that hott person hard. The same goes for hawt. These are NOT REAL WORDS. Fucking learn how to spell.


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