To quote Poppy Z. Brite, methadone was a rubber sex doll. Whiskey is a brand new lover.

I'm bred to drink. Alcoholism on both sides. I went eight months without drinking anything. My tolerance did not go down at all. Alcohol makes me win at life. That's fairly pathetic.

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It's that haze that keeps you just far enough away....an unnecessary protection....I too can drink excessively and once I start it’s nearly too hard to stop while I’m ahead and so I’ve gone cold turkey which I do far too often with far too many things and here I sit half a bottle of peach schnapps and two and a half six packs in my system trying hard not to get behind the wheel and pick up something with a little more bite something as comforting as whiskey. I doesn’t help that I can’t sleep and alcohol is one of the very few things that will eventually and inevitably knock me out.

It's the quick fix that keeps drawing me back in.

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