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I'm tired of people who preach love and acceptance and tolerance, but not to Christians. Or people who talk about the importance of democracy, but say that it's better for someone to not vote at all than to vote Republican.

The idea that we're supposed to love everyone is supposed to apply to EVERYONE.

Last night, my friends went around campus and wrote "His sole lives on," and other such phrases around campus in chalk to mourn the passing of Kurt Vonnegut. Today one of these people had the audacity to complain about all the chalk art on Easter that said "He is risen." Last semester, he wrote satanic symbols on my door despite my asking him not to. He said that that was different.

There are some assholes who are Christians. But there are asshole Unitarians and asshole Athiests and asshole Jews too. Telling someone that they should go to church is not cool. So is telling someone that they should meditate.

The color of someone's skin does not determine the content of someone's character. Neither does their sexual orientation, their gender, their musical preference, or their religion. Tolerance is supposed to apply to everyone.

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I am a proponent of the belief that musical preference can tell you who someone is. Not necessarily if a given person is necessarily good or bad, just if they are a match. I've noticed, however, that every girl I've gone for who listens to a lot of pop-punk is a ridiculous person, but I think that's more so a function of them being young. I've also noticed that I still have a certain respect for the girls who love indie and crust and whatnot. There was one girl who had vastly opposing musical tastes who I got along with fine (seems like I was one of the only ones though), so there are exceptions to the rule. Just my two cents.

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Often that's true. People gravitate to music that they feel expresses them, so often music that expresses certain things or expresses them in a certain way draws certain types of people. And on an individual level, understanding what music people like can help you understand them. I've been known to often judge my friends, people I already know very well, by their music. And I've never met anyone with similar musical tastes to me, and I'm not really that much of an individual, or that hard to get along with.

But the idea of the whole avoiding prejudice universal respect and tolerance thing is about discarding this general information and judging each person as an individual. Not every person who listens to Emo music cuts themselves. I mean, it is a common trend statistically. But it's also statistically true that black people are poor and women are weak. And I think that we all know that assuming those characteristics in any individual is wrong.

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