Completely and sincerely devoted. That's what I am to you. I wake up everyday more in love with you. Tears meet my eyes when I think about how much you mean to me, how much I miss you, how beautiful you are. You are the bright spot in my days that have been dark. You are my reason for being. Everything I do now I do for you, our family to be. I know you have your fears, but I wholeheartedly love you and you have no reason to be scared. I wish I could kiss away your fears. I see right through you, eventhough you think I don't, I do. I know when you're hurting or sad. I know. I am too connected to you not to know. Trust me. Trsut in us. The days will get easier. They will go by faster. You will grow stronger. I will grow stronger. We will be together soon, so soon. Sooner than you know. We are eternally each other's. You have my whole heart and I know that I have yours. Wholeheartedly.


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