I’m really trying to grow as a person, to move forward and learn from my downfalls, and not repeat them. I want to be better in all aspects, more helpful, harder working, healthier, happier, more socially adequate, all and all a better person. I’m learning to make conscience life choices, and striving to stick by them, I’m studying and not just doing my homework but actually understanding why I should be doing it. I’m not going out on school nights or staying up late. I’m getting up early (except on the weekends, I still have a thing for sleep) I’m learning from my friends, my family, truly listening to what people who are wiser than me have to say about different things. I’m investigating what I want to do and where I want to go, who I really want to be. What type of foot print I want to leave on this earth. And still with all of this self realization and strive for change I’m still holding on to one thing I should have let go a long time ago. And I know that to truly change I will ultimately have to completely let go.


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