That's what time it is right now. As usual when I'm writing at odd hours of the night for whatever my schedule dictates. I need to be waking up at 8 to go on a family trip that will require me to be quite awake and prepared to take a few exhausting challenges. Later on I was planning to take a math placement test as well. Now, now I'm just wondering if it's my anxiety killing my ability to sleep. I'm very tired but every time I lie down I can't seem to quite fall over the edge of this paper-thin line dividing me from my dreamworld. Usually I sleep really well after a day like to day but for some reason tonight I cannot. It may be my anxiety and depression, again, or worse : something new. I need to be awake and strong in a few short hours. Granted running on 3 hours of sleep is best for me, but I really don't want to push it, especially with the challenges that tomorrow will bring.


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