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I like the idea that angels are irrivocably insane.

God is infinate and so if he comes into contact with the finite, no matter how large, he overwhelms and destroys it. So angels are a go between. They are crazy because as finite beings they have witnessed the infinte and not been destroyed. Did Lucifer rebel for power or just so that he could stop the thing that was causing him pain?

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Angels feature prominently in much of my artwork.

A few people who know me well enough to notice the running theme have wondered why. Especially because i'm extremely agnostic, downright athiest at times.

Although there is a bit of religious meaning to my use of angels, they are more largely used as a symbol of unrequited love - they're beautiful, they're arguably perfect - but a mere mortal can never have one. They're mythical creatures, in another plane entirely. They have wings which, although soft and beautiful, allow them hover just out of reach - and what better symbol is there than a person with wings for someone impermenant, someone who will leave you?

Now, the reigious commentary? In my art, in general, I like to present my dislike of organized religion, and the angel imagery fits well within this - as I tend to like that which is flawed, and as the above indicates the angel is used to indicate a sort of desire which is essentially therefore something I like, so, the angel is thus flawed. I have created whole iconographies based around the image of a flawed angel. About 5 different catagories so far, to be more precise.

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