Man, that talk of barding in the WoW thought got me thinking... why not make a rock band-based P&P? I mean I know there's not a huge amount of overlap between musicians and RPG players, but there is some at least. So I'm starting work on it with my friend sometime soon. The classes would look like this: Archer/Ranger = Bassist Cleric = Rhythm Guitarist Mage = Lead Guitarist Warrior = Drummer I'm not sure if I should drop Vocalist in as Cleric or Mage, or if that should be its own sub-class. Or if I should combine rhythm and lead guitars into Mage and have Vocalist be Cleric. Obviously it needs more work.

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What does "P&P" stand for?

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Ooh ooh ooh, there was totally a D20 game based around this idea published in Polyhedron a few years back. Called Hijinx - it's a light-hearted Scooby-Doo sort of game but it might give you some ideas.

...It was in Dungeon/Polyhedron issue #99, I can't find a copy of it online though. So annoying cause I have the original right here myself and I can't show you! If you have an RPG store nearby you might see if they can get you a copy of that issue.

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