I don't get it. bernard.png, I mean.

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The little dude on the corner of the screen. Like, who is bernard? Is he model or artist or inspiration or something completely separate?

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He's a Surly Rhombus.

Beyond that... I don't know.

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I have no idea, but his name is used a lot in the html source. Maybe it has some significance to the creator?


That is indeed Bernard the Surly Rhombus, and he is the ill-tempered, though harmless patron deity of Ether and several other projects that I'm involved in. He isn't proprietary, though, so you are encouraged to use his image to spread his vague and cynical gospel yourself.

Congrats on getting me to rewrite the comments system just so I could respond to your nagging, Blue! grin But in general, feel free to email me with questions (

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He's appeared on random body parts of mine....on several occasions


Then you've been "narded". Rejoice, for you are one of the chosen ones.*

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