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you woke up with a sore throat from singing and cigarettes arms and legs akimbo on the hotel bed mumbling the sound of honky tonk piano ringing in your ears ubiquitous piano haunting you in your deepest thought stilling dreams

i'm afraid to reach out every time i do you disappear

how many times i woke up to your sunburned face and bright white smile amphetamined blissful after a long night alone outside the brick walls of the city bleach blonde hair tossed fingers running through it lanced through with the tired bass strains of gibson guitars legs crossed, naked, you shine with wonder and insomnia

your love too big to contain overflowed three marriages before you turned 30 it floods the pillows and drugs me senseless but i shake my hips and arch my back you lick your parted lips

mr lewis i stand in the front row and beg your attentions with starved adoration mr lewis i stand at the delta of the back alley humming blues and waiting for the chorus of your strung out life mr lewis i love your enthusiasm mr lewis i love your pounding heart and over the top senseless youth dancing sock footed in the muddy grass mr lewis i love the undulations of your voice they're a railroad train sex object mr lewis i love your long fingers on moaning keys while you shake your hips and throw your head back whinnying mr lewis i love i love i love your name and i say it as i raise my head off the pillow

louisiana boy jerry lee a cloud in my bed disappearing as the power cuts out

good morning

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