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No more moments of weakness for you, no more drugs to drown out the pain, because baby when you're not there, It washes away like blood in the rain.

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i figured the perfect followup to the other post here would be a guy listing all the drugs he's done, and how he feels about them.

marijuana - i love it and will keep smoking it for a long time.

nicotine - second-hand smoke from birth, smoking myself since 07. should probably quit eventually, says the man who's lighting one up right now.

alcohol - not as big a fan as weed, but duh, i'll do it if there's no alternative.

acid - great fun. lost track of how many times i've done it.

mushrooms - done maybe half a dozen times, not always fantastic.

2c-e - designer drug. 16 hours of slightly tweek-y tripping. done it ten times; done it enough for one lifetime. interesting though.

dmt - best thing ever. got some stashed away right now. ideally will have a stash of it put aside for the rest of my life. taken in combination with acid is a whole other world.

heroin - snorted and smoked, never injected. way too good; did it four or five times and had to stop before i got addicted.

crack - bought it once by accident. worst comedown ever.

cocaine - college was fun. i did it for a few weeks off and on without ever paying for it, then it vanished from campus right around the time i decided to try spending every cent i made on it. for the best. everyone should try it once.

speed - technically generic adderall, but bottle lists it as 'amphetamines', which is speed. helped me make it through college, and helped keep me going through an all-nighter or two afterwards. crushed and snorted, tastes like bananas.

salvia divinorum - some very intense trips, similar but much less comfortable than dmt. was always surprised that it was legal, until they banned it.

opium - lost a few months of my life to the stuff, smoked and eaten in pellets. best vacation you'll ever take, assuming you have the capability to keep yourself alive in the meantime. a smell you'll never, ever forget.

amyl nitrates - the 'poppers' from fear and loathing. kinda stupid, makes everything sound real funny for a few moments after hitting it though.

whippets - see amyl nitrates, but replace a little bottle you huff the fumes from with a whipped cream cracker and balloons.

what i have not done and will never do - meth what i have not done and might do - ecstasy what i have not done and want to do - amt, 5-meo-dmt, peyote/mescaline

so... why? i dunno. i didn't start doing any drugs until after i got out of high school, and by that point my brain had been running so on-point and phenomenally that school seemed useless, people all seemed retarded. i'd already written a small novel which i still think stands up as a good piece of writing. i'd gotten very at-home in my head, but i crave change - i'm the kinda guy who rearranges the living room furniture every few months just for something new. i wanted to rearrange the furniture in my head.

how'd it go? well... it's hard to say. so far as i can tell, behind these eyes, things still run pretty damn good. i think my writing has gotten better, i'm more observant, less depressed (at least when i'm high; still, if it's a choice between always depressed or sometimes happy, i'll take the latter), more open to new things. i'd be willing to say i'm luckier now, though that's probably a combination of subtle intuition and instinct - still conceivably drug-related. sometimes i lose words; my vocabulary has probably shrunk by a few dozen words in the past ten years, which is annoying when i'm trying to talk to someone and suddenly run into a word-sized blank spot in my memory.

what's my point? ...live a little. have fun in moderation. be able to recognize when addiction is rearing its ugly head, and be able to let go of the things that are going to do nothing but physically harm you (cough cough, stub out another cigarette). if things get too bad... eat an apple, drink a glass of water, and try to get some sleep. we can survive a surprising amount, as long as we have the will to do so.

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