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i've only known one person, as a lover, i could call irresistible. he was not the more beautiful or the most intellegent. he was irresistible because he made me feel like i was.

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There's something about the way you smelled that made me feel so enthralled in your being. You're iirresistible scent. Earthy.... natural.... full of life. Then the way your arms folded around me, I couldn't help but to dive right into what was going on. Our lips met, the fatal kiss, suddenly I'm doing all I can to shove walls up, put masks in place, and keep myself from doing something I know I don't want to do.... but at the same time you're so irresistible.... What is this odd feeling that I am having despite of that? Why have my thoughts suddenly shifted away from you...away from us.... to him.... to my relations with him? Why does he matter so much to me that it keeps me from being with you... and only you.... There's no ghost between us, no someone dead to me... Instead there is a .... loved one I guess you could call him... between us. He is someone who will remain in my heart for a while yet... it just isn't time for us... it's time for you and me but I cant' do this yet either....

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