from august to mid-october i wrote something i call THE EXHAUSTION DIARIES, written anonymously at work. created and maintained primarily out of boredom, it became a combination journal, philosophy, and running editorial on life, the universe, and everything. it covers drug use, physics, politics, and includes short stories, dreams, and poetry - all linked together through the theme of exhaustion. at about 65 pages i'm about ready to call it done. at least, there's no reason to continue writing it, as i've gone from an average of 3 hours of sleep per night to an average of something like 12. to go back and edit would be to lose the edge of immediacy. maybe someday i'll go back and clean it up, at least. but not until i have a reason. for now, though, i'm happy to call it quits and release it into the wild. anyone who'd like a copy, send me a message with an e-mail to send it to. thanks.


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