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how the fuck am I supposed to be expected to participate in a dialogue when my basic humanness as a queerpolylady is thought to be immoral, evil or unreal.

I do not exist to them, they do not exist to me.

I don't fucking care; I don't want to debate it; I exist. Fuck you.

That's what we should be doing, walk away from the podium, drag the enemy away. SAY NO. You are not allowed to say that queers are evil and women are whores and politicize my body and my choices. Fuck you. Fuck that.

Then we say, "I don't want to talk politics" as code for "I don't want to talk about injustice or you."

I refuse to have this conversation on your terms. It's disgusting. It's filth.

I am not somebodys goddamn wife, sister or daughter.

I am a goddamn person and you will acknowledge me.

I am a woman and I am sick of being told that is something to be afraid of or ashamed of.

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I usually dont talk about politics because they make people so angry, but here none of you can stop me so here it goes. Now that Obama is president i don't know if i should celebrate or not. I've become so jaded with today's politicians that i don't know if i can trust that he will do all of the wonderful things he said he would.

I want to be able to marry in the US. I want people to stop voting for shit like Prop 8. id be furious with Florida, Arkansas, Arizona, and California if i wasn't so numb to the homophobia.

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Well, this brings up some tricky questions. Is democracy great because 51% of the population can overturn a history of ethnic bigotry and elect a half-black man to office? Or is democracy shitty because 51% of the population can keep a minority group from legally marrying each other? Is there some sort of compromise that allows that majority to decide how they will be governed, but without allowing a majority to unfairly victimize a minority? Is it ever fair to legislate against the will of the majority? If so, who decides what minority groups would be deserving of protection from the will of the majority?

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I agree. i have no idea if anything is going to really change for the better the way the candidates promised. I want so badly for things to be fair. I just dont know if it will really happen. I too would like to live in a world where i can go visit my lover in the hospital should she get sick. not to mention all the other benefits that straight couples get when they get married. fingers crossed that the world becomes a better place i guess. :)

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