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I stumbled upon a very interesting list of things college students do when writing papers and have discovered I am very similar. I have (since attempting to start my paper) cleaned bits and pieces of my apartment, attempted to curl my hair, made my bed, walked around my apartment searching for food only to discover nothing was appetizing and am now writing my first ether thought in months... I wrote my first paper very quickly, maybe took 30 minutes, but this one is mind bogglingly different. The subject matter of each is the same, but perhaps it is the actual act of writing them both in the same day that kills my spirit and desire to complete the second. Especially when I want to start my thermodynamics homework in 2 hours.... this would (hopefully) leave an hour break time. I just get sooo tired of always working on things. If I'm not at my paying job, I'm volunteering in the lab, working on my research, delving into my homework, or in class. So when I had the rare opportunity to NOT work 7 days in a week, I took 2 off to do nothing, except that is not what is happening. Yesterday I cleaned my apartment, went to a family gathering, then came back to campus for a bbq that turned into "hey guys, lets drink and be merry...." which became, "Hey, insertmynamehere, go get your hookah and we'll provide you with MORE boozin!"

I've had more hangovers this month than every in my life.. .I needto stop that...

Anyway, I'm going to write about the Taliban now! ... maybe....

Maybe I'll stumble some more

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