"i totally just imprinted on that guy. look at him, i'm going to marry him." "you what?" "you know, imprinted. like what the werewolves do in twilight."

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Whoever you are, little pink square, I think we would be very good friends! :D

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Is "twilight" a book or website or magazine or something that should be capitalized? I read "twilight" as meaning "twilight", as in post-sunset sunlight, and was totally baffled.

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Twilight is a book, well actually a series of them and soon it will also be a movie. I did not capitalize it because I would not capitalize the words meth or heroin either. It's like the new drug for young women, the series is ok but it has this addictive quality which prevents you from putting the books down, or talking about anything else for weeks at a time. The phenomena is more important then the book itself.

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And this is why drugs are BAD.

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Don't get it. Probably would, given my penchant for all things chick-y.

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I am SO glad I never got in on the Twilight craze.

wears Harry Potter tshirt

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i agree. wears harry potter shirt

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I agree as well. Listens to Harry and the Potters

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