'The time has come, my dear, to depart from your company. Three quarters hence and i may return. it has been fun, my dear, This last quarter.'

Summer is over, fall has begun, and it is officially that I shall not see many of my friends for the next 3/4 of the year. Sometime around June 20, I shall see them again, I shall see something of them at any rate.

Whether that something be a summer breeze pushing the leaves in the trees to wave at me as they did when they were all about, or if it means that the lightning bugs light up my yard and the landscape surrounding me and I remember the kisses one of them gave me, it doesn't matter.

I just remember.

I see them around me.

I remember the feelings provoked.

I hold these things so very dear to me, you see, my dear. I hold them next to my heart as it begins to melt away to the warmth that it used to have. Slowly but surely, my dear, I'm making my way back to you.

'Three quarters hence, my dear. Worry not for the autumn, nor winter, nor spring. Merely look forward to that last quarter, my dear. I'll be there waiting.'


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