It just occurred to me that I never break my writing into appropriate paragraphs. When I actually have a strange fondness for them. They’re like a breath of fresh air when reading. They give you the impression that you’re actually getting something done. I’m going to start working on that I realize now how annoying it can really be without them. Proof reading is something I should start doing too, and spell check I can barely spell my own name. ^_^ and no more of that over there with the face thing looking at it now its kind of creepy.

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Please do use paragraphs. I recognise your thoughts not by your colour but by the huge blocks of unbroken text that they consist of; and then I skip to the next one because reading that much unbroken text, especially white text on black, is headache-inducing.

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I fixed it and have learned my lesson it's more of a pain to go back and put them in when I could've just done it all at once.

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