Sometimes you meet a person who makes you feel more like yourself than you ever thought possible, and then they leave and take a massive piece of you with them, and all you want is to be you again, but instead there's some asshole you barely recognize in your body and you hate them for it.

I am so happy with who I am. My abilities, my thoughts, my intentions. I love myself.

dear self:

get up off your ass.

stop feeling sorry for yourself.

if you let them get to you, if you let lies become truth, if you let the past overcome the present you will never be happy again.

i repeat: you will never be happy again.

look in the mirror. smile. take picture. don't make regrets. make goals. accomplish them.

be confident. sit up straight. laugh. have fun. kiss. hug.

grow old, but stay young.

and when the time comes, have a huge smile on your face.

live, and then die.

dear self:

you can do this.

In order to know "self" I must know all that is "other." For "self" is composed of all that it is not.

The self, or ego, is an illusion. We may opt to adopt any of the countless streams of consciousness that are naturally available to us as we develop through higher psychological stages. The ideal self, is that which expresses the full potential or capabilities of the being in question. In essence, this means it is ideal to adapt your self, adopting whichever stream of consciousness flows most melodiously with the symphony of life in any particular situation. In other words, the self is analagous to a musical note, where a different note, and thus a different self, are appropriate at different times in order to maximize the inherent Fibonacci flow, if you will, of the piece, in this case, life.

This tool has helped me realize further that I have trouble describing myself or my thoughts in any way aside from how I/they relate to others. No wonder I hate being alone.

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